Bruce Hedman, Managing Director

Areas of Expertise
Combined Heat and Power and Distributed Generation, Energy Efficiency, Industrial Process Engineering, Power and Renewable Energy, Policy and Market Analysis

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, 1981
MS Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, 1975
BS Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, 1973

Professional Experience
Managing Director
Entropy Research, LLC; March 2013 to Present; Alexandria, VA
Provide technical, market and policy analysis for combined heat and power and distributed generation
Technical Director
Institute for industrial Productivity (IIP); March 2013 to Present; Washington DC
Support IIP’s efforts to promote industrial energy efficiency through the development of best practice information and technical assistance. Provide strategic guidance in the implementation and management of IIP’s global and in-country (China, India and the U.S.) technology related initiatives to increase industrial energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Vice President
ICF International, January 2007 to March 2012; Washington DC                                                                                   
Directed ICF's consulting services practice in distributed generation and industrial energy efficiency. Provided technology assessments, market evaluations, policy analysis and strategic planning support to public and private clients. Managed a diverse staff of engineers, economists, policy analysts and communications specialists.
Energy and Environmental Analysis (EEA), November 2002 – January 2007; Arlington, VA                                        
Managed EEA’s consulting practice in distributed generation and industrial efficiency. Developed the company into a leading provider of consulting services in distributed generation and combined heat and power. Managed a diverse staff of engineers, economists, and policy specialists. Provided technology assessments, market evaluations and policy analyses to public and private clients. EEA was acquired by ICF International in 2007.
Vice President
Onsite Energy, Inc., November 1998 – November 2002; Arlington, VA                                                             
Principal in Onsite Energy Inc.'s consulting services business (established as a separate subsidiary, Energy Nexus, in 2001). Onsite Energy is an independent energy services company (ESCO) implementing energy efficiency and distributed generation projects with industrial, commercial, and institutional customers. Provided market analysis, technology assessments and business strategy support to equipment suppliers and industrial and commercial energy users, and policy analysis and market evaluations to government research and regulatory agencies (federal and state).
Executive Director,
Energy Center, Inc., July 1995 – November 1998; Arlington, VA                                                                             
Served as Chief Executive Officer, reporting directly to the Board of Directors.  The Industrial Center (now the Energy Solutions Center) supported the market entry of emerging natural gas and energy efficiency technologies for industrial users through consortium programs funded by equipment suppliers and utilities. Responsible for membership development, strategic planning, budget planning, contracting, and program management. Led the successful introduction of four new energy technologies into the industrial market. Guided the organization through its separation from the American Gas Association and its incorporation as an independent entity
Senior Project Manager
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, June 1994 – July 1995 Washington, DC                                              
Provided strategic planning and policy analysis support to DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the areas of natural gas end-use technologies, new technology commercialization, and industrial and power generation markets.
Group Manager
Gas Research Institute (GRI), November 1982 – June 1994, Chicago, IL                                                              
Directed the natural gas industry's collaborative research, development and demonstration program in the critical industrial and power generation markets. Managed a $25 million annual budget and a staff of twelve professionals. Developed and implemented a market-based strategy for the industrial program that focused on new markets and emerging environmental opportunities for natural gas, and that emphasized technology transfer and commercialization objectives. Developed partnerships with manufacturers and users resulting in a significant increase in cofunding for GRI's industrial R&D program, and led to the successful commercialization of a variety of advanced natural gas products for the industrial market.

Other Relevant Information
Professional Development
American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Member
U.S. Combined Heat and Power Association – Chair 2007, Executive Committee 1999 – 2009, 2012

American Gas Association’s Commercial and Industrial Marketing Hall of Flame - 1994
USCHPA Combined Heat and Power Champion – 2006

Representative Projects
Technical Support for the EPA Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2001–2013.  Led EEA and ICF teams providing technical support for EPA’s CHP Partnership. Efforts focused on the development and implementation of CHP market development strategies for specific industries and regions; detailed feasibility studies of CHP at various commercial and industrial facilities; technology assessments and characterizations; and development of tools and support materials for Partners; and identification of market barriers and analysis of policy options to stimulate the deployment of efficient CHP systems.
CHP Technology Characterization, 2008.  Joint program for the EPA CHP Partnership and U.S. DOE.   Developed a series of technology characterizations of commercially available and emerging CHP technologies.  The technologies covered include reciprocating engines, gas turbines, steam turbines, microturbines and fuel cells.  Each profile includes a description of the basic prime mover and other major system components; a discussion of typical applications; a review of critical system design characteristics; estimates of efficiency, environmental and other performance characteristics for a series of CHP system sizes that represent the range of market applications for each technology; typical equipment and installation cost estimates for each size category; and a discussion of relevant emission control options.
The Potential for Distributed Generation in Five provinces in China, 2010. For the Asia Pacific Partnership, led an analysis of the potential for on-site generation in five regions of China (Shanghai area, and Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Sichuan provinces).  Evaluated policy options, developed action plans and engaged stakeholders at the provincial level to increase the deployment of efficient distributed generation in China.
Waste Heat Recovery in Industrial Facilities, 2010.  Evaluated the potential for waste heat to power systems in the U.S. driven by industrial process exhausts. Identified applicable market segments, reviewed existing and emerging technologies, and estimated potential market size in terms of MW and industrial segments.
Due Diligence of Waste Heat to Power Projects on Cement Plants in China, 2009.  Principal investigator of an effort to verify the technical, economic and carbon credit performance of waste heat to power projects on rotary kilns at eighteen cement plants in China.

Selected Publications
Bruce Hedman, Anne Hampson, “Fuel and CO2 Emissions Savings Calculation Methodology for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems”, ASHRAE Transactions 2011, Vol. 117, Part 1
Thomas Bourgeois, Bruce Hedman, Fred Zalcman. “Creating Markets for Combined Heat and Power and Clean Distributed Generation in New York State.” Environmental Pollution, Vol 123, Issue 3: pp. 451-462, June 2003.
Bruce Hedman and Tina Kaarsberg. CHP Chapter, Distributed Generation: The Power Paradigm for the New Millennium, CRC Press, 2001.
Bruce Hedman and Tina Kaarsberg. The Distributed Generation Handbook, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Spring 2000.
J.G. Holmes. B.A. Hedman, S.Y. Salama. “Overview of Industrial Drying Needs and Competing Technologies.” Plant/Operations Progress, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, July 1988.
Keith Davidson, Bruce Hedman. “Long Term Prospects for Natural Gas Cogeneration.” Energy Journal, Winter Issue, 1986.
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Harry L. Brown, Bernard B. Hamel, Bruce A Hedman. Energy Analysis of 108 Industrial Processes, Fairmont Press, 1985.

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